Santa Barbara Pistachio Company Short Ribs

Forgive me, it’s been more than 3 years since my last Mezcal. The delicious flight was all smokey, but subtle, hints of floral, and slightly peppery; all conducted by a guy with a big black beard, the pirate king of Everson Royce. I would have gone back sooner if it were not for feeling like the hollow core of a thousand rotten apples the next day. This time I just had one margarita.

Sauce 1 (Cucumber Mescal Margarita): 2 x mescal, 2 x cucumber juice, 1 x Grand Marnier, 1 x lime, ½ agave

Tip: stop the blender a couple times to push the cucumbers down into the blades, and strain through a fine-mesh sieve to remove pulp.

Trick: NO ICE (destroys the subtleties); absolutely worm salt only

Contrary to popular belief Mezcal does pair well with a good cheese board.  Some of the best white cheddars from Fiscalini will go perfectly with wide a mouth glasses rimed with crushed red worm larva salt.

Not only is MCM a kitchen wizard, but he can play ping pong and cook at the same time.  Not everybody can do that.  He did have some sous help from his Lucques days, but not an easy feat to have four pans and a paddle all going at the same time.

Sauce 2 (Pistachio-horseradish Aillade on grilled short rib) one cup Santa Barbara Pistachio Company, pistachio oil, olive oil, fresh horseradish, teaspoon of chopped shallots & parsley.

Tip: toast lightly – maybe 350 for 10 min – watch carefully, they need to release their precious oil, but not lose their color.

Trick: make a few hours before serving at room temp.

Sauce 3 (Vietnamese Salsa on sautéed black cod): 1 med tomato, ½ jalapeno, 2tsp ginger, 1tsp green onion, 1 clove garlic.

As the curtain of darkness fell Mezcal lead to pinot. There were only two bottles, and that lead to cab. After that, it was light out.  I couldn’t even eat the cake.  I made it to the car, but I fell asleep on the ride home.  The glorious cake. I don’t even have a picture of it.  It was magical chocolate something.  I could get the picture. I could ask someone, but that would get back to Uncle Bob.  He brought the cake, if you don’t eat the cake, it’s not good. You’ve seen the Menu.