The Dodgers lead off against Detroit with a two-run homer by Turner in the first inning. And things just got better from there. Most important, after several humiliating personal losses, it looked like I was finally going to beat the spread.

It all started this year with probably the baddest beat of all time on the Superbowl. My team, the Rams, they won, but just by not enough. Severely stung, but not quite yet ready to give up, I tried again with college basketball. I took Gonzaga, and they won their final four match, but they didn’t cover the spread. I vowed I would try one more time, but when the Warriors won game 4, and I lost, that was it. I was done. Until last night.

It was a night game, and I was already hungry by the time we got there. They had us park at the furthest end of the Dodger stadium lot where they put all the bad drivers. We were so far away from everything I could barely see the stadium entrance. Fortunately, it was a night game, and we were able to follow the north star to the field. Halfway there I must have gotten lightheaded, the kids convinced me to put down a bet.

Finally in our seats, things were starting to look good. By the second batter my losing streak was possibly coming to an end. I didn’t even mind all that much that we were not allowed to eat yet. If you get up to eat before the first inning it’s bad luck.

The inning ended and it was time for Dodger Dogs. Legendary, world renown, extraordinarily delicious, and best of all they kind of taste like caramel. Probably one of the greatest hot dogs of all time, but there was a problem. There was relish, ketchup, and mustard, but no onions. Not just in my section, but the hot dog lady said there were no onions in Dodger Stadium. How can that be? Who can eat a hot dog without onions? That’s like nails on a chalkboard.

But I did it, and we stayed for the fireworks show.  The Dodgers won, I beat the spread, and my kid got to his heroes in the outfield.  It was almost the perfect night, but my boy did ask to come back with me, every Friday night.  I’ll be bringing my own onions.