Contrary to popular belief chicken wings do hail from Buffalo, NY. According to the National Chicken counsel, Dominic Bellissimo wanted a late-night snack for he and his friends in 1964 and his mom, the proprietor of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, made them for him. She included celery slices with bleu cheese sauce and the next day they were on the menu.

We believe that no child should go through life without experiencing the absolute mouthal burning sensation of Tabasco sauce on fowl flesh. And the relief of quenching fiery hotness by consuming a celery stick dipped in a sauce created by adding Penicillium to drained curds before the full mixture is rolled into wheels, dried, and then combined with sour cream, mayonnaise, and buttermilk.

Only you can give this gift by donating to your local food insecurity awareness charity. Or you can pick one of our advocacy partners to make sure no child is left behind.