Learn Skills for Cooking Meat Outdoors

Two million years ago, across the knife-like grasslands, and razor rock formations of the Serengeti, jagged bolts of fire from the sky rained down on baobab trees, lighting a brilliant blue sky in effervescent shards of red and orange like a fauvist landscape.  Burning embers from those trees were expertly harnessed by the humans of that time (Homo Habilis, translation “handy man” – seriously) in order to do something new with fire for the very first time.  And that that’s exactly what it was like when I lit-up my new DCS.

A grill for cooking meat outdoors

It has been said that there is a primal connection to cooking meat outdoors over an open flame.  The communal aspect of it takes us back to our roots where a universal life force was created through common experience.  I’m a believer.