Santa Barbara Fish Market Lobster Tails

When I opened the trunk and the lobsters were not in there, I immediately assumed they were stolen. The cold storage bag that I bought from Trader Joes had else in there from the corn to the chives. There could be no other explanation.

I was driving up to Santa Barbara by myself to meet everyone there because I had to leave after a half day at work. Everyone else blew the day off. I was in a rush to get up there and forgot the lobsters in the fridge. I had already told everyone I was on the way, so I couldn’t really turn around and go back. But to avoid serious embarrassment, and possible repercussions from what could be financial irresponsibility, I could always stop to get gas. And by that, I mean jump back in the car, race to Santa Barbara Sea Food, and pretend that I didn’t forget them.

I chose to tell the truth and live with the consequences. And to my surprise the response was sympathy and understanding. Which I should have expected, but sometimes one unnecessarily fears the worst. When Uncle Bob found out about the lobsters I left behind, he raced over to my place and snatched them up. There was officially no evidence they had ever been there. I could have gone to the “gas station” and nobody would have every known. But I would not have grown ever so slightly as a person.

Here’s the recipe for grilled lobsters. It’s not that hard and they are extraordinary: