hamburgers and hot dogs

Sprouts on a Camp Burger

This year in Truckee on the first afternoon of my annual Donner Lake dads and kids camping trip it rained; hard; grey skies turning black.  Fortunately, it was only a 1/4 mile into town for some sausage pizza.  Glamping?  No.  But coffee runs to Starbucks every morning – yeah, maybe.

Although, even on a glamping trip you need to know what you’re doing, kinda.  Just remember, sprouts do much better than lettuce in warm temperatures.  Especially if your cooler runs out of ice.  Also, when you substitute the young stalks of a bean plant for something considerably more bland, you actually get a better tasting burger.

On the ride home to LA we were kinda pressed for time so I peed in a cup.  Not pulling over to go to the bathroom got us to an important birthday on time.  I will do anything for my kids, except when it comes to gourmet burgers vs. regular hot dogs.