Little League Bliss

If you’re ever in Canoga Park on a weekend in the Spring or Fall, check out the snack shack at Sunrise Little League.  It’s probably the best little league food in the western San Fernando Valley.  Although, if you don’t actually have a child playing in the league, it could get kinda dicey for you.  For the price it can’t be beat.  I got both of those tacos in the picture for three dollars and fifty cents.  They also come with cheese if you want, but that’s not for purists.

If you’re not into tacos they have BBQ burgers, hot dogs, etc.  But truly, there’s nothing like eating a little seasoned meat from south of the border and watching your five year old catch a pop fly, run back to the bag at first, beat the runner, and turn a double all by himself.  Oh, yeah!

RECIPE (4-6): 2 lbs flank, 4 garlic cloves/minced, 1 jalapeno pepper/seeded & minced, 1 teaspoon cumin and/or paprika and/or oregano and/or garlic powder, 1/2 cup cilantro/chopped, 2 limes/juiced, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon sugar and/or 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1 tsp black and/or white pepper.