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Spirit of Guilin

The Li River in China is considered one of the waterway wonders of the world.  It’s storybook mountains have inspired Chinese art for thousands of years.  A glorious opera, Impression Sanjie Liu, about a heroine with a nightingale voice who found her sweetheart through song is performed in miraculous outdoor theater in the most beautiful […]

das Sausage

Zurich Switzerland. Middle of busy day in trendy Bellevue Platz. Gorgeous grey business suit sunglasses attitude, she turns, I say goodbye out loud event though we have never met.  I’m in line with seemingly thousands of others at the Sternen Grill. Basically, the world’s most famous hotdog stand (next to Pink’s in LA of course).  […]

Big Yak Attack

Unlike horses for the most part, yaks are good for riding and eating.  Especially if you get a full-blooded yak (not crossed with a cow).  Their meat is less marbleized than beef because yaks carry their fat on the outside of the carcass which gives you an even leaner cut than grass-fed beef.  Basically, sweeter […]

Alive and Well in San Angel

It takes decades to digest certain late dining habits where so much goes unsaid.  “Lo bailado, lo viajado y lo comido no me lo pueden quitar,”‎ flies from the mouth of industrialist Alberto Moreno Galindo as we drive mach one through the pot hole ridden streets of the largest city in the world.   “The […]

The White Tornado

Trying to push open the 20’ doors to the entrance of DOM, made from exotic wood heavier than lead, was a labor of love.  But not until I got them open which was somewhat difficult from a five day meat coma.  All that week I had hit every churascaria (Brazilian steak house) in the jardins.  […]