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72 horas en Yucatan

Barbacoa empezo en el caribe mexicano con los indios quien cocinaron lentamente el chivo sobre fuego de llena o bien por fuego en un agujero cobrado con hojas de maguey. Gracias a Dios y el poder de buena comido se imigro a Mexico donde yo me encontro en El Restaurante del Belmond Maroma Hotel que […]

Home Sweet Home

  We probably should have taken the picture before we poured the sauce and stuck in the kinfe, but we were hungry.  And you might also be asking why no pictures of BBQ beef or baby back ribs.  Well, when we saw these links go by we had to have them.  Then we had the […]

Coffee Meet Meat

The only coffee better than Colombian is Guatemalan.  And the only steak better than pepper is coffee steak.  At the El Refectorio Del Prior restaurant in the hotel Casa Santo Domingo you can get it all; Guatemalan pepper coffee steak. The hotel also happens to be in Antigua which has a perfectly preserved ex-colonial Spanish […]

Kronenhalle Strong

    In 1924 the Zumsteg’s took over the restaurant and it went directly off the chain.  Coming from meager beginnings herself Hulda knew how to get it done.  To spice up the decor she exchanged food for paintings from starving artists.  It didn’t hurt that they just happened to be Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, Miro, […]

It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me

    In the 17th century French pirates discovered 26 coves along the shores of Buzios where they could hide out and launch sneak attacks.  It worked for a while until they started going ashore to refuel.  Where they got into trouble with the native inhabitants, and it was all over. In Life Under the […]