Moby Cat & the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is a hell of a boat.  She ruled the north Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967.  Last week my buddy (the yachtsman – because well, he has a yacht), and I took the kids for a little stay over on her for a dad’s weekend.  There’s all kinds of things to do on that boat docked off the California coast in Long Beach.  They even have a haunted ship excursion, but the kids were too scared for that.  What they really wanted to see was the lego exhibit.  But the lamb in the dining room at Sir Winston’s was calling.

The boys were on their best behavior, and by boys I mean the yachtsman and myself.  We were setting a good example by not drinking too much.  Just a few cocktails and some water.  But then the sommelier showed-up and ruined everything, for the kids anyway.  He made us drink a full bottle of wine between the two of us.  After that the kids were trapped between the yachtsman and I regaling each other with our maritime adventures.

The next morning we went to the Shipyard room where they have a 600 lb. replica of the QM.  The stewards there play a little game with the kids. They hide a small white Lego cat on a big white part of the Lego ship, and the kids try to find it.  We hunted for the white mammal.  All of us.