Me & My Girl & My Steak & Swan Lake

Okay, I didn’t really have steak.  Obviously, that’s a lamb chop.  But “Me & My Girl & My Lamb Chop & Swan Lake” is not a good title.  And it’s not like lamb chop is a vegetable.  So I think I’m okay here.

This one was from Toscanova, a fine dining establishment in both Century City and Calabasas.

My daughter and I were going to the ballet so we were already dressed-up.  We just needed somewhere kinda fancy to go that actually had good food.  So we went to T. and they delivered.  Not take out, I mean the food was definitely good.

But I had mixed feeling at dinner.  I was kinda sad because at 11 she decided that she is too old to keep going to the Nutcracker during the winter holidays, but I don’t have to go to the Nutcracker anymore.  So that’s a plus.  Don’t get me wrong I love the ballet.  I was a dancer when I was a child.  But you can only see the Nutcracker so many times.

So we saw Swan Lake which was fantastic and she loved it.  But the best part was that she must have thanked me ten times for taking her out that night.  Which also made me kind of sad.  But I’m working on fixing that…