It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me



In the 17th century French pirates discovered 26 coves along the shores of Buzios where they could hide out and launch sneak attacks.  It worked for a while until they started going ashore to refuel.  Where they got into trouble with the native inhabitants, and it was all over.

In Life Under the Jolly Roger: Reflections on Golden Age Piracy, Gabrile Kuhn writes that a pirates life depended on moments of intensity; that everything always happened at once and in a moment you could be rich or dead.  For GK it called to mind Nietzsche’s apt metaphor about the perils of a certain kind of existence,  “Shall we roll the dice only because we might lose?”

Things are a little calmer now that the French have all left Buzios.  But their bikini’s and rib-eyes remain.  This one from is from the restaurant in the As Meninas hotel.  It’s not to be missed.

Hope Springs Eternal

When they named his amazing property at the tip of Cabo off the Sea of Cortez, I don’t think they meant to call it Esperanza because one might hope to see the Anistons & Batemans there.  But that’s what happened.  And had we come a little earlier that summer we might have seen Obama too.

As you can see from the picture below it’s not a bad spread.  We won the trip in a silent auction.  I highly recommend going there that way, it’s much more affordable.  And have the ribeye.  It’s tasty.

p.s. if you spend enough time in their steam cave you just might be able to put all that other stuff behind you.  And if you’re really luck you’ll get a visit from Tavibo’s spirit world.

Spirit of Guilin

The Li River in China is considered one of the waterway wonders of the world.  It’s storybook mountains have inspired Chinese art for thousands of years.  A glorious opera, Impression Sanjie Liu, about a heroine with a nightingale voice who found her sweetheart through song is performed in miraculous outdoor theater in the most beautiful stretch of the river bank.

But most of all spending time on the river makes you hungry.  I loaded up on a Tasmania T-Bone from T8 in Shanghai.  Everything moves fast there.  Set your shutter speed to infinity.  Then hop on a short flight from Pudong to Guilin.

Once you’re on the river it’s all worth it.  Especially at night, where the sweet song of the yeying might remind you of someone who made a lasting impression.



das Sausage

Zurich Switzerland. Middle of busy day in trendy Bellevue Platz. Gorgeous grey business suit sunglasses attitude, she turns, I say goodbye out loud event though we have never met.  I’m in line with seemingly thousands of others at the Sternen Grill. Basically, the world’s most famous hotdog stand (next to Pink’s in LA of course).  I glance back.  She meets the guy with short hair, blue raincoat and boots.  You know the type.  That guy who always gets to the Kalbsbratwurst mit Gold Bürli before you do.  As they walk off into the sunset, I bite down.  I might not have the girl, but I have the bratwurst and it’s not half bad.