Turkish Delight

When traveling in Turkey, it really helps to like lamb.  It’s even better if you love lamb, like really love it, a lot, like in every form it could possibly come in.  While they do have great beef, it’s all about the LAMB!  And the views from the restaurants.

 By Day 4 I already had lamb kabobs, lamb stew, sliced leg of lamb, lamb shanks, and ground lamb.  But none of that compared to shredded lamb cooked in a terrine, topped with a tart prune sauce and placed gently on a bed of creamed egg plant.
 At Argos in Cappadocia we had Rocket leaves salad enriched with artichoke hearts; rolled pastry with Turkish Pastrami and garlic yoghurt.  Just when we thought it was safe, out comes the roasted lamb shank.
Vegetable dishes are abundant with almost every restaurant using their own gardens or purchasing daily at local markets.  The combinations of chopped up beautifully make you feel healthy and proud of your eating habits until they bring out the big LAMB!
By day 6 we had to go somewhere like the Divan Lokanta restaurant to find new lamb dishes.  There was noting on the menu I had ever heard of, and it was all in English.   I had the lamb Kebap, it was extraordinary.  But the absolute highlight, the lamb finale, was lunch in Cappadocchia at a lovely restaurant called Somine.
As soon as we sat down they brought up earthen pots which had been sitting in a fire pit under ground.  The tops were sealed with bread dough which the chef ceremoniously invited us to chop off which caused a bit of frightened giggling as the chef’s thumb was often too close for comfort.  But it was by far the most tender and luscious chunks of lamb I had ever had.